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STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student B.)

(1) Do you like being the age at which you now are?
(2) What is the best age to be and why?
(3) What is the worst age to be and why?
(4) Do you worry about getting older?
(5) Do you look your age?
(6) Do you think scientists can slow the ageing process?
(7) Why do some people seem to age faster than others?
(8) Until what age would you like to live?
(9) Are there any age groups you currently don’t like?
(10) What is the best age at which to get married?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student A.)

(1) Do people respect the aged in your country?
(2) How have you aged in the past ten years?
(3) Do you mind being asked your age?
(4) What do you think your old age will be like (or what is it like)?
(5) Do you agree that you can never be too old to start something new?
(6) What problems are there of an aging population?
(7) What do you least like (like most) about getting older?
(8) Is your society ageist?
(9) Would you like to turn back the clock?
(10) Do you look forward to your birthdays?



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