English Discussion on
 Genetic Engineering


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STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student B.)

(1) What is genetic engineering?
(2) Do you think genetic engineering is a good thing?
(3) What are people worried about who oppose genetic engineering?
(4) Do you worry about eating GM (genetically modified) food?
(5) Do you think genetically modified food could harm the ecosystems of the areas in which they grow?
(6) What do you know / think about the Oncomouse – the mouse specially modified to help in cancer research?
(7) Do you think it’s essential to modify genes to create new medicines?
(8) Scientists can genetically engineer fruit to contain vaccines at a very low cost – Is this a good idea?
(9) What do you think about cloning?
(10) Would you like to see a cloned version of yourself?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student A.)

(1) What do you know about genes?
(2) Do you think genetic engineering is playing God and that we should leave life as it was created?
(3) What do you think of the idea of genetically engineering new bodily organs to replace yours when you are old?
(4) What do you think would happen if a GM crop or animal started causing major harm to the environment / us?
(5) Genetic engineering might allow parents to ‘design’ their children before their birth – What do you think of this?
(6) Should genetic engineering go ahead to eliminate human flaws, such as violence, jealousy, hate, etc.?
(7) What if scientists create a monster human?
(8) What do you understand by the term ‘genetic aristocracy’?
(9) If someone’s genes are changed a lot, are they the same person?
(10) Does the government have the right to limit how far we modify ourselves?



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