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STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student B.)

(1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘globalization’?
(2) What are the good things and bad things about globalization?
(3) How long has the term ‘globalization’ been around?
(4) Do you think it’s possible to ignore globalization?
(5) How has globalization affected your life?
(6) Is globalization good for the world?
(7) What will globalization look like fifty years from now?
(8) Do you think globalization will make us all the same in the future?
(9) Which countries do you think like or hate globalization most?
(10) What concept do you think will come after globalization?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to Student A.)

(1) What is globalization?
(2) Could globalization have happened without the Internet?
(3) How would your life be different if globalization hadn’t happened?
(4) What do you think of the concept of a global village?
(5) Has globalization improved people’s lives?
(6) Do you think globalization could end in a world with just one giant country?
(7) What do you think indigenous tribes think about globalization?
(8) Can you measure globalization?
(9) Do you think globalization will reduce or increase the poverty gap?
(10) How has popular culture added to globalization?



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